A Graphical Internet UNIX System.
The latest version of AGIUS os is; 0.00.0001 (27/12/2018)
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Version:Processor type:ISO file:Notes:
UnknownUnknownAGIUS-os_0-01-0000_2019-01-06_64bit.isoNo file information found.
0.00.0001 27/12/201864-bit version.AGIUS-os_0-00-0001_2018-12-27_64bit.isoThe first 64-bit version of AGIUS o.s. Untested with bugs.
0.00.0001 23/12/201832-bit version.AGIUS-os_0-00-0001_2018-12-23_32bit.isoThe first 32-bit version of AGIUS o.s. Untested with bugs.
27/01/2019 10:34am gmtDirectory.temp_2018-12-30Directory. (Contains 1 file or sub-directory)
2/01/2019 11:12am gmtDirectory.temp_2018-12-29Directory. (Contains 3 files and/or sub-directories)
11/05/2022 6:57pm bstDirectory.temp_2018-12-23Directory. (Contains 2 files and/or sub-directories)
28/12/2018 12:28pm gmtSpreadsheet file.file-notes.csvList of information about the other files in this directory.
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